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Centre Policies:

To download a complete copy of the Centre Policy Handbook, to keep for you own records please click here


For a general overview of Centre Policies please peruse the following. Please note that several of the key policies i.e. fees, health, management profiles etc, are already covered in their own dedicated sections of the site and therefore need not be covered here.


Inquiry and Enrolment Procedures

When you enrol your child at 5 Star Childcare & ELC you will be asked to fill out an enrolment form which will provide us with all the relevant information regarding your family and child. Some of the information requested from you is government regulation requirements and all information provided by you is at all times protected by privacy principals and the centres privacy policy is strictly adhered to. It is condition of the enrolment that you read and fully understand all our policies at 5 Star Childcare & ELC, which relate to many different aspects of our services.


If you require a hands on tour of 5 Star Childcare & ELC we are more than happy to make an appointment with you.
As we are a busy centre we advise that you ring the centre prior to attending so we can spend enough time with you and your child.


We look forward to answering any questions and address any concerns that you may have.


Up to Date Records Information

It is vital to the safety and well being of your child (and law under the 1998 regulations) that the centre has current information on parents/guardians home, business addresses and phone numbers and their doctors name and phone number. This also applies to those nominated as emergency contacts. Parents/guardians must notify 5 Star Childcare & ELC whenever changes occur as soon as possible.


Waiting List

If you require a position for your child at 5 Star Childcare & ELC in the future a waiting list form must be filled out. This information will assist us when a position becomes available. The information is only kept on file until December 31st; if you are seeking a position in the New Year you must contact us and update your information.


Inclusion Policy

5 Star Childcare & ELC welcomes any child regardless of gender or disability, family ethnicity, religion, culture or structure. All children and their families are the same and are treated on an equal basis.



Parents must contact the centre as soon as possible if their child will be not attending for any reason. Please inform the centre if the absence is due to an infectious disease.
It is a Regulation requirement that all absences must be signed for and a medical certificate be given to ensure continued payment of the CCB.


Integration of New Children

Children should be introduced the centre as gradually as possible.
5 Star Childcare & ELC offers orientation sessions for children to aid separation from their parents.
Separation can be difficult and trying for you and your child. At 5 Star Childcare & ELC we try to make this as painless as possible. It is vitally important that the child feels comfortable and at ease with their new environment. This can be achieved through shorter days initially then extending over a period of time. You can also reassure the child by staying a short time before saying good-bye, although work commitments may make this difficult.

We strongly recommend at least two orientation visits prior to your child’s commencement at the centre. This will allow both you and your child to meet the staff, familiarise yourselves with the centres environment and routine and for you to give the relevant staff useful information about your child’s special needs and daily routine.

Please always remember to say goodbye to your child.


Education Programs for Children

Each room has an experienced, qualified leader and educator developing tailored programs to meet the individual needs of each child in their care. Each program is specifically designed to foster development in all areas – social, cognitive, emotional, language and fine motor skills. We recognise that each child are there own individual and this is reflected in the programs, which are based on observations of the children.

It is well known that children learn through play. We place a lot of emphasis on the “process” of doing things rather than the end “product” being perfect. If your child does not bring home something every day this does mean that they have not done nothing all day. They will have gained valuable learning experiences through playing in the home corner (social development), counting (mathematical skills), manipulating clay or dough (motor development), measuring and mixing in a cooking experience (cognitive development) or just listening to a story (language development). There is much more valuable learning that can be done without an end product. We welcome any questions or suggestions about your child’s programme please feel free to talk the staff member in charge of that activity or group.


Development records are kept of each child and these will be regularly discussed and passed onto the parent.


We also offer a valuable service – a full kindergarten programme run by a fully trained and qualified kindergarten teacher. When your child reaches four years of age you do not have to pull them out of 5 Star Childcare & ELC to go to a sessional kinder. They can continue at the familiar surrounds of 5 Star Childcare & ELC and still benefit from a full kinder programme while you can still benefit from extended hours care.
Included in our kinder programme are specialised movement sessions, library, a personal motor program and computers in the room.

An end of year kinder information on the following years programme and at the beginning of the New Year a booklet is given out to all kinder parents detailing the year’s activities.



Development records of your child are maintained by staff responsible for your child's care. These are available for you to look at and discuss with the Carer. Daily records are maintained on all children attending on a particular day and are posted on the notice board in your child's room. Please take time to look at it each day. The daily records are for meals and sleep or a special happening.


Children's Clothing

All children must bring at least one change of clothes in case of accidents (toilet training children need a few more sets, including shoes. No Overalls unless they have inner leg press studs.

For those children who are in nappies these will be supplied, wipes are also provided, however if you require a specific wipe to be used on your child, please supply one 500 leaf container.

Parents are reminded about weather changes and reminded to pack coats, hats etc. Thongs are not acceptable as footwear (dangerous).


Toys From Home

5 Star Childcare & ELC does not allow toys to be brought from home therefore avoiding the risk of damage or loss of a favourite toy. A special security toy may be brought to the centre to comfort the child during sleep time.


Infant Requirements

5 Star Childcare & ELC has the following policy re Infant Requirements

• We will supply all nappies and wipes

• Parents need to supply ready made formula bottles with the infants name on them

• The child may bring along a favourite toy/blanket for security, please make sure it is clearly labeled

• Infants feeding requirements need to be discussed with the room leader and where possible will be adhered to

• Sleep Time – infants of course have their own sleep patterns and staff will endeavour to facilitate these patterns. Parents are requested to discuss their child's sleep pattern requirements with the room leader.

• Parents can be assured that your child's routine will be respected.

• Infants routines and record charts are recorded daily.


Toilet Training

Parents should advise the room leader when their child is starting to “toilet train” and what method they are using at home. No child will be pushed or forced into toileting, however those happy to spend some “sitting time” will be encouraged.


Sleep/Rest Times

Most children will be encouraged to have a sleep or a rest; those children who are not required to sleep/rest will take part in quiet activities away from the sleep area.


Behaviour Guidance Policy

5 Star Childcare & ELC believes is guiding a child to positive behaviour, punishment and unreasonable discipline are not permitted. Setting limits, re-direction, role modelling, reinforcing positive behaviour, consistency, well-planned activities, are all part of our educational program and behaviour guidance policy.

Parents are encouraged to discuss with staff any concerns they may have.


Parental Access

Parents have access 5 Star Childcare & ELC at all times. Parents are welcome to telephone to find out how their child is settling / feeling, etc. at any time.

Drop off and pick up

No child is to enter the Centre without an adult. A staff member must be advised of the child's arrival.
The adult must 'sign in' the child every day on arrival.

On collection of the child, staff once again must be advised and the child must be 'signed out'.
No child will be allowed to leave the Centre with any person other than the custodial parent/guardian unless this has been pre - arranged by the parent and the Centre. These arrangements will be recorded and signed by the parent in the Attendance Book. In an emergency, parents may telephone the Centre and advise of a different pick-up arrangement.

Proof of identification will be requested from any person nominated to collect a child if not known by staff at 5 Star Childcare & ELC.

Custodial arrangements must be recorded correctly on the child's enrolment form at time of admission, and a photocopy of court orders must be attached to the enrolment form.


Excursion Policy

An Excursion Policy is available. Parents will be notified and permission requested whenever an excursion is organised.


Emergency Evacuation Policy

An Emergency Evacuation policy is available and regular evacuation drills are performed at the Centre. An Emergency Evacuation Plan is located in each room and at the reception counter. Parents or any visitor to the Centre are asked to adhere to instructions given by staff during an emergency. Parents are particularly asked not to attempt to locate their child and leave unless directed by a staff member.



Permission to be photographed is included on the enrolment form.
If a local newspaper or anyone else for any other reason takes photographs, parent’s permission will be gained prior to publication.


Newsletter for Parents

5 Star Childcare & ELC will provide a monthly newsletter in hardcopy and on our web-page (click here). The format of the newsletter will be room reports and reviews, key date and milestone notifications and useful parenting tips.


Parents Meetings

5 Star Childcare & ELC will hold regular parent meetings and the date & times for these meetings will be notified on our web-page, on the notice and in the newsletter. At these meetings key note speakers will be invited to talk on relevant child care issues and parents will be invited to discuss any issues or make suggestions to improving the overall operation of 5 Star Childcare & ELC.


Notice Board

This is where important information for parents is posted and needs to be perused on a regular basis.


Grievance Procedure / Concerns / Complaints

Parents who have any concerns about their child's development or program are encouraged to approach the staff members responsible for their child's group. Staff may not always be available for an in-depth discussion, however would be pleased to make an appointment as required.
Alternatively the Director is always available for a discussion about any concerns. Parents should be able to discuss any problems/concerns with you, the Centre Proprietor / Director or the Department of Human Services.

5 Star Childcare & ELC requests that parents who wish to make a complaint or have a concern do so in writing addressed to the director. All such letters will be treated seriously and a detailed response will be given as a matter of priority.

5 Star Childcare & ELC welcomes any feedback from parents about the any aspect of the day to day operation and presentation of the business


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